Monday, October 18, 2010

what would YOU do?

is it possible that you can take too many road trips? i think i may be proving that's a fact. there are way too many things i think about now, that i didn't think about before i started traveling the many miles of the california freeways that i've driven over the past few years.

i started thinking about what i would do on my many travels if i saw a body on the side of the road. would i stop to investigate. would i stop to help. would i want to get involved. would you stop? think about it. could YOU drive by a body...possibly alive, and just keep going. could you live with that? i don't think i could. but then you think...if i stop...i could be implicated in some unforeseen involvement that was totally innocent. do i want to take that chance of being a suspect in something that i am nowhere near involved in? but what if i can help. what if i can really make a difference in a murder mystery. what choice do i really have. and if the person is alive...i could possibly save this person's life and make a difference. 

do you think i may watch too much TV? do ya think?

but really...saving someone!  how cool would that be? not only would you save that person, but you would be saving their family from so much pain! AND possibly helping catch some asshole who is going around doing whatever they are doing to destroy people's lives. so....the down side is??  i don't know if i can come up with a downside...except fear!

sometimes i almost want to see something that will cause me to make that 'on the spot' decision, to see where i would go with it...because you never really know until it actually happens. when people tell you " should have done this, or you should have done that"...unless you have actually been in that exact situation...don't tell me what i SHOULD do...because you have no idea! and i, personally, would never know until i am right there, on site, dealing with it. in ANY situation.

so don't ever let people tell you what you SHOULD do in any situation. until they have lived it themselves...they are no experts. and even then, no one can ever have the same experience you have in your own body and mind at the time you have it. it's yours alone...and yours to cherish!

and the moral of the story is...look straight ahead and keep your eyes on the road...because if you may encounter unsuspecting circumstances that could change your life forever. but then again...those life changing events...could be the most life shaping events you will ever experience.


  1. I can say this about road trips. I am driven. I am also a writer (I think) and an artist (I think) and I have refused to stop and take pictures at a certain church in northern Louisiana, for instance.

    So perhaps I am neither. Just lazy, and driven.

  2. BUT...where do ur morals live? u would NEVER bypass this Win...never! am i right? don't know u that well...but THIS well...i think i do!

  3. I love the last paragraph. Your blog is great!

  4. this is so real and so well written. love your blogs...keep them coming!!!

  5. just a response. i stopped twice and so happy i did! once for a motorcycle and rider on the road on the expressway. pre-cell phones!
    and another time for a woman lying half in the street and half on the sidewalk in manhattan. called 911! you'd probably fact i'm sure. keep using your peripheral vision and it'll keep you alive!

  6. You are really deep into this blog thing. They are getting eerier and eerier. Written beautifully with so much thought put into them. I am enjoying reading all of them over and over.

  7. Once again a great blog and your Mom is 100% right about your strong writing skills.

    I agree with you very much that knowone should tell you what they would do or how they feel if they have never been in a situation themselves. I also would get a BIG HIGH if I made the choice to help someone along the road and made a difference in their live because it sure would impact mine.
    With that said I feel you left out a crucial point, we live in a world that has drilled into us to be very careful about helping what appears to be someone lying on the road or a car that might have broken down. These indiviuals might just be scamming you and can take you down a dangerous path.
    Reality throws a major monkey wrench in a lot of choices we have made and will have to make. Don't live your life in fear but never deviate from caution.

  8. wow R T you are so deep