Thursday, October 14, 2010

Secrets: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

You don't ever think a secret could impact another person in a life changing way, but the truth is, it can reshape the history of your existence. It can redefine who you are in the pecking order of life and define who you are today. It can have exponential repercussions on your existence without you ever realizing it.

The Good...The small, left out details that could be beneficial to a relationship, so as not to hurt the partner/the spouse/the child. Sometimes you just don't need to know history that could damage what you now have. It’s history, let the past be the past, as long as it's not negatively affecting the present.

The Bad...The details you think are better off left out, then discovered...having to do with the present. Not so good! Most likely...those secrets shouldn't be secrets. Actually, they probably shouldn't be actions that have ended up as secrets. BAD SECRETS! Divulge right away!

The Ugly...MAJOR details left completely out and years of hiding them. Then the guilt overtakes the soul...overtakes the body...overtakes your complete being and you have to let it all out. Devastation to those you divulge those secrets to. Secrets that no one in their present state of mind could ever imagine would be a part of their life. Those are other people's lives...real people don't have those kinds of secrets.

Those are the doozies! The Peyton Place secrets of  life. Who would have ever thought I would be the recipient of one of those secrets that would be life changing. But I was. And I'm still in shock. And it has changed my life completely. It has changed who I am, who I thought I was, who my family is, and why my family is who they are today. It has changed how I look at members of my family. And now it makes us all recognize why our personalities are who we are today. It now all makes sense. Why we have chosen the paths we have taken. Why we have treated each other the way we have. Why we have withdrawn, why we have suppressed, why we have denied, why we are who we are.

It has caused us to look at members of our family in a whole new light. It has given depth to personalities I once thought shallow. It has given me answers to questions I didn't even realize I was asking all my life.

Secrets...the good, the bad, and the ugly. Sometimes...they are shouting out to you...and you just don't hear them.

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  1. there's a fine line between secrets and lies...but honesty is almost always the way to go!