Monday, October 11, 2010

who's your favorite?

I remember sitting around with a few friends talking about our childhood and our pecking order and how that affects us in life. I was the youngest of three girls and obviously the favorite. So I thought. That didn't last too long! There definitely is a psychological affect on which level you are in that pecking order.

The oldest takes on the authoritative role...the "boss"...and only because we allow it. But we look up to them as having knowledge none of us will ever get because we weren't born as early as they were. And of course they know much more than any of us.

The middle sibling is the discombobulated one! Not sure where they they just feel they should take care of everyone...from parent to sibling to anybody who will let them. They forego their own life to take on the responsibilities of everyone else around them. And they are so caring and do you repay them and let them know how important they really are in so many lives.

The youngest....I think the youngest has it the best, for the most part...except for the hand-me-down clothes part. And the part where the two oldest screwed it up for the youngest by doing things they shouldn't have done and then the youngest suffers for it because now they can't do those things that their older siblings did without getting into trouble.

But aside from that...the youngest is kind of pampered as the "baby" of the family. The youngest is the last to there is so much agony over the empty nest that everything is done to keep that one home.

Not in MY family...but so I hear! I was pretty much pushed out the door. "Love ya...enjoy life...come visit!"

That's where I am in that pecking order of life.  The youngest. Thinking I'm the baby of the adorable am I? So one day I decided I was going to bring up favoritism with my parents. I knew I was my mom's favorite...or I deluded myself into thinking that. But I wasn't sure about my dads, although I thought I did. So we were sitting around the house one day, just my dad and I, and I said  "SISTER #1" (don't wanna use real names because if my family reads this, I don't want them to have a clue who I'm referring to) is your favorite, right dad? And he says "No, SISTER #2 is" and I said "oh...Thanks dad! Good to know I wasn't in the running!"

And there you have it!


  1. sometimes you really crack me up...i can relate...thanks for sharing!

  2. love your blogs. keep writing!

  3. loved this...and so true

    First of all once again a great topic Ms.J.
    My story is a little bit different...Like you I was the baby and with out question the favorite and even today my Brothers would tell you the same. I also had an adopted brother who took on the role as the oldest but that is a story in itself.

    I was called the diaphram baby (A MISTAKE), I was able to deal..but I was the youngest by 5 years. I was very independant and my parents thought I could do no wrong and for the most part couldn't relate to the things I was into because out of all my Brothers (3), I was the only 5 towns son. Believe me that made me quite different them my Bro's still not sure if that was a good thing.So the moral for me was being the youngest was a cool thing and my parent's until this day, well my Mom believe I was an angel..Please don't tell her anything different.