Thursday, December 29, 2011

As Seen On TV

Why is it that each year, as Christmas approaches, every item that you would never want to get and would give away in an instant, [as a white elephant gift, for sure] starts advertising on TV?  The worst items for your home, for your wardrobe, for your spouse, for your get the idea. But are they only useful at Christmas time? You can't use them at other times of the year? My answer to that can't use them EVER.

I mean...who wears Pajama Jeans? Have you ever seen these things? They are stretch pants made to look like jeans. Seriously? I have never seen an item of clothing uglier than the Pajama Jeans...except maybe the free shirt they also give you when you purchase a pair. It's a drab gray, stretchy-ish shirt; with zilch style...a style from I don't even know what era. Who comes up with this shit? And more than that...why would they come up with this shit? And why would they think any of it would sell? I wouldn't even wear the ‘jeans’ if we were back in the '60's when stretch pants were fashionable. I wouldn’t even wear them to bed.  

Do you know one person who owns a Chia Pet? I was quite surprised to see it advertised again this year. I thought it went kaput last year. Wishful thinking. I figure there can't be anyone who actually buys this crap; but they did finally come out with new ones that are a little more current. Not that it makes them any more desirable...but at least we know the manufacturers are not just robots making these things by rote. They actually are alive and thinking...finally. Well…sorta. They have a Chia Obama, a Chia Shrek, a Chia SpongeBob, a blah blah blah...but I think my favorite is just the Chia head...for those who are 'follicly' challenged.

But the worst thing about this damn product? I can't get the f**king song out of my head. Any time I say or think "Chia Pet" I hear ‘Chi Chi Chi Chia Pet.’ Can you hear it now? It will be there, in your head, throughout the rest of this blog. You can thank me later.

Jane Seymour has a line of jewelry for Kay Jewelers. "Come see my 'Open Hearts' collection at Kay Jewelers." [Said with her English accent] Only at Christmas time? Doesn't she sell it throughout the rest of the year? Why would she only advertise at Christmas? And she chose the very chic jeweler...Kay? I think, but I’m not sure...that it just could be the K-Mart of jewelers. Oh! Maybe that's why it's called 'KAY' Jewelers. "K" Mart. Get it? A subsidiary, maybe? And after all these years...can't she come up with a new design? Any new design? It's been the same frickin' design for 15 years already. I mean how many f**king open hearts can you have? Any other collections there, Jane?

You know what's amazing...I actually know people with the Snuggie. Yup...people I know actually do own a Snuggie. Of course, I’m not friends with those people. I just know them. I don’t know if I could be associated with people who have consciously gone out and bought a Snuggie; especially those who leave their homes wearing them and partake in activities…such as this guy.

I’m sure many people have gone out and tackled fishing in their camouflage Snuggie. This way no one would notice them since they blend right in. This way they get all the fish. And on the website…they label it “Designer” Snuggie. OMG…I don’t even think I have words for what I’m feeling about that right now. But just in case you’re interested…they do have a sale going on as we speak.

I will never understand the fruitcake. Although it’s not advertised on TV…why is it that only at Christmas, it’s given as a present. And what is it anyway? Is it really made of fruit? Obviously I’ve never had any. The name alone turns me off; therefore I have never tasted one. But to this day, I don’t understand why it’s only given to people around the holidays. And who in God’s name came up with that idea. ‘Let’s give a fruitcake as a gift.’ Why would anyone think that’s a good gift? I would be embarrassed to hand someone a fruitcake. They would know, right off the bat, it’s a re-gift. Actually, I wouldn’t even give it as a re-gift.

And speaking of re-gifts…I also don’t really understand the re-gift. If I don’t like something, I’m certainly not going to give it to someone else so they can think I’m the one with bad taste. I only give things I like to people I like. I would give something I don’t like to someone I don’t like, but most likely, I wouldn’t be giving that someone I don’t like a present anyway, because I don’t like them.

Some people’s taste amazes me. I would love to know what goes through their heads when deciding what to give as a gift. I like to put a lot of thought into what I am purchasing for a particular person. I want to make it personal and I want them to love it. For the last 25 years I have been wondering about a gift my first husband and I received for our wedding. Not only was it strange, but the wrapping was the tackiest I have ever seen…ever. The present was a mold of a ship captain’s head. Yup…that’s right, our wedding gift was a ship captain’s head that you can hang on the wall. And it was wrapped in newspaper inside a yellow plastic bag. Do you think that may have been a re-gift? Of course, it wasn’t from someone on MY side of the family.

Last night my daughter’s friend mentioned getting a money tree as a gift. I love that idea. I don’t think you can go wrong with that gift. I mean…who doesn’t like money. And nowadays, who can’t use a little extra. They wrapped up different denominations of bills and tied them to branches of the tree. What a great idea. She said her boss gave her a tree worth $100.   

Next year…my kids are going to get that as their gift. It will look something like this…

                                              I HOPE THEY LIKE IT!




  1. sososo funny. i peed while laughing.and by the way....dulcy has a snuggle and loves it...who would've thought?

  2. Where did the term "white elephant" come from? I went to a holiday party where each guest was asked to bring a gift they got and did not like wrap it and bring it. We had so much fun picking the gifts and then "stealing" them. Some of the stuff wasn't so bad. Lots of laughs; great, clean, adult fun. I could write a book about this blog's subject. I so relate to lots of what you say. I bought a lot of stuff from Today Show's "steals and deals" this season. I also was up late at night watching infomercials. I bought 2 elaborate brushes for my dogs. They are short haired dogs. I have never brushed them EVERin almost a decade? I might re gift these. BTW, Jaime, you have a dog would you like one? OK, one more question, what do you think of wish lists? Great and timely blog. Look forward to seeing your response to my comments. Just think, if we're lucky we get to this whole holiday thing next year AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU & ALL YOUR FOLLOWERS! ANN

  3. i got a porn tape in a white elephant once. it was stolen from me a number of times! i won't say where it ended up. i'm glad to know you watch infomercials...that's what keeps my job security (i'm a media buyer...for infomercials) so THANK YOU! and i love wish's the only way i can ever get my girls what they actually want. and they still return 90% of what i give them anyway. Thanks for reading, and thanks for commenting! happy new year!! xoxo

  4. Yes, I have a snuggle. It was a gift last Xmas. I don't wear it---I throw it over me as a blanket when I'm in bed. Love it! Anyway your blog is funny as usual and so true. What's next? Can't wait. Love all the different subjects you write about.

  5. Dulcy I hope you are enjoying your Snuggle as much as I enjoy me Pajama Jeans they feel wonderful and make my ass look great
    Jaime get a pair!!!

  6. just to set the record straight for all of you who are calling it a "snuggLe"'s a snuggIe...with an I not an L. i wouldn't want anyone to be embarrassed when they are purchasing it by calling it by the wrong name. have given me such a visual in your pajama jeans. i only wish it was true! but thanks for that lovely vision. :)

  7. I forgot to tell you that when I got married one gift was a serving dish which was not bad but when I opened it under the gift was a card that read "We love you Grandma and Grandpa, Happy Passover". Very important: If you re-gift either be honest or don't leave the evidence! Jaime, I told you I could write a book about this blog. Planning to read some I have not read yet.

  8. Another winner...Please give me the same gift your daughters get next year.

  9. @RT...did you notice what was ON the tree? I'd be happy to give you a tree worth a DOLLAR in pennies. My pleasure if it will make you happy!

  10. i had a client wear pajama jeans to studio tonite, lmao! discussed ur blog in studio on saturday. i must say nancy looked good in her pjs n confessed to wearing them around, shopping, etc.

  11. i can't believe someone fessed up on the pajama jeans...and pretty funny the timing of reading the blog and seeing them in person. luckily i have never see the real thing! (would love to know who 'anonymous' is!)