Wednesday, September 15, 2010

on the road again

with both my girls in college, i have spent many a day on the road visiting them. before they decided which school they would attend, we took many road trips to explore which california university they would connect with. the trips up the california coast were a real hardship...seeing all the beautiful scenery california has to offer...what a killer!  the only problem is that i have no sense of direction...and my oldest daughter is no better. how we made it up to san francisco and back is a question that will never be answered. we attempted to go from our hotel in SF to CSUSF, which should have been a 20 minute drive, but ended up taking us an hour, going full circle back to the hotel. we did get to see the entire city of san francisco, though, traveling the perimeter, but had not had any intention of seeing it on THAT day. surprise!!!! how lucky were we??

aside from that...i have made some observations while ON THE ROAD AGAIN...

please explain to me the purpose of a bra on a car hood?  if you are covering up the one part you want to protect so that it looks good, but no one ever sees it because it's always covered up...what's the point?

i'm all for letting whomever wants to live in this country move here...become a citizen...but when you get on the freeways...the speed limit is 65. do NOT go 40.  when you're in the fast NOT go under's just rude to those of us who actually speed.

anyone who has a gorgeous sports car and goes the speed limit...SHAME on you...that's not the point!

and know you are taking too many road trips when: (only 5...i couldn't come up with 10)

5. you know the logos of every motel in the USA and notice when they change them (for any of you who are inn has recently changed theirs)
4. you know which gas stations have the cleanest restrooms
3. you know the exact hiding places of the cops
2. you know which stretch of freeway has the worst smelling cattle

and the number ONE reason you know you are taking too many road trips....

1. you start wondering what colors and design your cab on your SEMI would have if you drove one


  1. Re bra on a car: More than a protective device, it's a personal statement. It says "I'm a car guy." P.S., I've never owned one. A bra, that is.

    Re slow drivers on the highway: I like to get in front of them and go even slower. Give 'em a taste of their own medicine. My wife thinks one day I'm gonna get shot doing this.

    Top 10 list: Hey Jaime! Letterman's on the phone for you!

    Clean bathrooms: My invention of the week is a keychain hook to pull doors open, turn on faucets, etc. I'm totally schkeeved. And as for people who don't wash, they should be publicly outed. Let's shame 'em into compliance.

  2. Frank. From what I hear, I would not recommend that you do that in Texas.

  3. AS always I look forward to your insight and sharing of life experiences...I love you just the way you are is one of my favorite songs...A quick story..When I first got married we went a club in the city that had comedians and singers..A guy gets up and sings that song and then stands behind my X for quite sometime. She got uncomfortable and wanted to leave. I went over to him afterwards to tell him what I think..He then slipped his # in my hand..Moral of story just tell your wife you took care of it.

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