Friday, September 17, 2010

what's in a name

am i crazy or have names changed drastically in the last couple of decades? or maybe just the last decade. i remember as a kid, there was not one other person named jaime. when peer pressure is rampant, i was so embarrassed to tell people my name. i wasn't a susan, or jane, or linda...i was a jaime. on top of that, i would get mailers asking MR. Jaime Perlov "do YOU want to join the army now?" and when i went to summer camp, they always put me in the boys cabins. (thinking back...that wasn't such a bad thing!) but then...i was so humiliated! was the 60's....but although it was the 60's, i was only a 10 year old girl who was already embarrassed enough by my name. now i was being mistaken as a boy? how can i ever live!!

then i think back to my grandfather. his name was irving. irving...really??? so his parents looked at him when he was born...gushing all over their baby boy...thinking he is the most adorable creature on earth...and said..."YOU LOOK LIKE AN IRVING"??? you have got to be kidding! i don't care what era we are in...IRVING?

and now the names of the present. most(?) names are pretty normal and nice and everyone likes them. but then you have the outrageous. and these kids have to live with these names for the rest of their lives. who am i to say that in 10 years or so...their names won't be the susan, jane and linda's of their era. but i have to 2020...susan, jane and linda....will come full circle...and it will be back to Dick and Jane and Spot. and won't times be ever so simple and happy again.


  1. Nowadays people make up new names that are so hard to pronounce and spell, that the little kids have a hard time writing their own name, and if they cannot write or spell their names, they may not pass their grade level...Be thankful you had an easy name to learn.

  2. Loved this one! You always crack me up..seriously. Keep writing please =)