Thursday, November 4, 2010

taking control and driving in the fast lane

It recently dawned on me that my initial reaction to someone of the opposite sex has ONLY to do with chemistry. I am either going to be physically attracted to someone, or not...and I don't have any choice in the matter, because it is all about my body chemistry. My body is the one telling me how I am going to react to someone physically. It's so absurd but that's just the way it is. I have no option. It's not all about the physicality or the emotion. That comes secondary. It's totally about the chemistry. How bizarre is that?
So I have to say...when they say people are sex addicts...I do believe that may just be true. We have a chemical reaction to things that we just can't control. And maybe that urge to jump someone's bones all the time is part of the uncontrollable chemistry. 
I always thought I had a "type" that I was attracted to, but over the years...I have been attracted to some guys, who, had I not known myself better, looking from the outside in...I would have thought I was just a hooker out for a good time. But in reality...I was attracted to these guys. Just their touch on my skin would literally send chills through my body. How do you explain that? To look at the would say..."who would be attracted to him"....and there I was...totally turned on. So when they say there is no accounting for taste...there is. It's called chemistry. And you know what...that's a great thing! If everyone only had the attraction based on good you realize how many people would be lonely? But chemistry is out of our control...and maybe we are so much better off for it. (And to think…I was the worst student in chemistry…maybe that’s why I’m being punished post 50!)
I guess this dawned on me because of menopause. I know I just did a blog on this...but it made me realize that who I was 15 years not who I am now...sexually. So what that tells me is, since the only thing that has changed is my body chemistry, then sexual attraction is ALL ABOUT the chemistry. Which, again, I have no control over. Well...that's not entirely true. I do have control with HRT. But there are so many women out there who think life is over as we know it. I know I did. But I have taken control, I think...and am hoping that what I am doing...will change that. So here I am blogging about my venture of my sexual prowess. Total vulnerability...but why not trace the map of post menopause. At this point...I have nothing to lose. But so, so much to gain! Like I said last time...I want that sex drive back...and I've taken over the wheel and am driving in the fast lane. I'll keep you posted.



  1. are too funny..and this post is so true. Love it!!

  2. Although I love your humorous posts...I have to say this one hit home. I do feel like it's over since menopause (sex,that is). So I will be so curious to see your path and what you discover. Please do keep us women updated. I'd love to know there is hope out there. I do hope you will follow up with your progress and let us know the steps you have taken to get that drive back! And I know my husband will thank you!

  3. I know this blog is more for the women in the world because I am pretty sure I haven't experienced menopause. I have experienced other things we need not get into. The thing I do want to point out is this blog deals with a subject that isn't age related. We have always based are initial like (lust) of a person based on their looks (Unless we had one too many). I have always said you can meet someone you find beautiful and agter you get to know them they get ugly...You can meet someone your on the fence about and after getting to know her/him they are knock outs.

    As for sexual you said "stay in the fast lane" just don't get pulled over for going too fast.

  4. Do you think it's possible to have that chemistry with someone you've never met or even spoken to on the phone, but know purely from interacting via the written word?