Tuesday, August 24, 2010

starting out

so here i am...writing my first post on my new blog...i have no clue what i'm doing but hopefully will learn as i go. i'm not even sure what the content of my blog will be, but i can assure you, if it's boring...i wanna know! be honest! and any ideas welcome. it will probably mirror my fb posts to some extent, and hopefully you will enjoy. a place to come to escape for 30 seconds! so...here goes.........wish me luck! til next time.


  1. good luck jaime...i have a feeling you will be doing great...love reading your stuff! you've got such incredible insight!

  2. But you need to get over this spider killing thing.

  3. Hey "Computer" - this is the 1st blog I ever read - honest! You would think a computer geek would be all over it. Still trying to decide how I want to write the next few chapters of my life.