Friday, August 27, 2010

single vs married - one person's trash is another person's treasure?

if you're home on a friday or saturday nite and you're married, that's acceptable, but if you're home on a friday or saturday nite and you're single...there's a whole different perception of who you are.  there are times, now that i'm single again, where i choose to be home alone rather than be out with people i don't enjoy being with. i choose not to go out with men that don't interest me, rather than go out just to say i have plans for the weekend. but we tend to look at those who are home alone as losers. what about all those years they were married and were busy all the time...but unhappy. they CHOSE to unattach themselves and be alone until the right person came along. so let's not be so quick to judge based on what you are seeing from the outside. before you know the real story...why don't you weigh the options of whether it's better to be with someone you're unhappy with...or be alone and at peace.


  1. you hit it on the head!

  2. I'll second that!

  3. it's called stigma and it's just plain wrong. we are people first! not single, married, gay, straight, etc. JUST TREAT ME LIKE A PERSON!!!