Saturday, April 2, 2011

I got the Music in Me

I was driving home from an appointment one afternoon; pink, purple, orange and blue sunset in the rearview mirror, 80 degrees outside, sunroof open with the breeze wafting through, and Prince blasting on the radio. There I was, bopping to the music like a teenager, loving Prince. But as I was belting out ‘Purple Rain’, I started listening to his voice and wondered why it is that I love him? His voice really isn't that great, he screeches in parts, he's kind of strange looking, yet I love him. I don't know any song he sings that I don't love shakin’ and groovin’ to. [Let’s go crazy’.]

George Michael singing ‘Faith’ came on the radio next and I was doing some serious boppin’ then. I can’t even imagine what I looked like driving down the freeway. I used to have the biggest crush on him till he decided to become a psycho nut case and creeped me out. But I still love his music. [Cause I gotta have faith’.] 

And why is it that singers don’t have to be good to be good. It always amazes me that you don’t necessarily need talent to turn out a great song. Maybe I should rephrase that. You don’t have to have a good voice to be talented. And you don’t have to have talent to make tons of money. 

But you have to have IT. And some people just got IT and some people don’t.

I mean…please tell me how Joe Cocker became famous. He screamed many of his songs and looked like a raving lunatic while he sang, to a point that it was uncomfortable to watch, yet I love his music. [‘You are so beautiful to me’] 

I am a huge fan of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. I’ve gone to their concerts almost every year since high school. Mostly CSN sans Y, and quite happy Y was missing. I wasn’t a huge Y fan, but he did add to the harmony of the group. Solo though…his voice could shatter glass. I’ll admit he had a couple of songs I did love, but other than that, he sounded like he was having a prostate exam and the doctor was squeezing way too tight. [Needle and the damage done’]

Before I ever saw him sing, I always thought Bob Dylan wore a clothes pin on that schnoz. I’m not sure why he made it big, but you can’t help but sing along to his music. He’s definitely not much to look at. He definitely doesn’t have what is defined as a beautiful voice, yet he’s a classic and an incredibly great song writer. [Like a rolling stone’]

I know many will disagree with me on this one…but I just don’t get the fascination with Sting. Women find him sexy and I find him rather awkward looking and think his music pretty much sucks. There was only one song of his I liked, but other than that, I don’t like his voice, his look, or anything about his music. I do find his name to be quite appropriate though. [‘Let your soul be your pilot’]   

Meatloaf? Really? Meatloaf? Need I say more? [‘For crying out loud’] (decided not to post video on this one...couldn't find one I could listen to long enough!)

I could go on and on and on. I love music. I have music playing during most of my waking hours. I work to it. I shower to it. I drive to it. I was going to say I cook to it, but we all know that’s a lie. I microwave to it. I work out to it. The only time I don’t listen to it is when I’m asleep or glued to the TV. I love going to clubs and listening live. And what is it about musicians that is such a turn on? I don't care what they look like...I am instantaneously attracted to them. (oh…except Meatloaf). But my biggest attraction is the saxophone. I’m not even sure if it’s the person playing the sax, or the instrument itself. But wow! It turns any song into an aphrodisiac. [‘europa]

There used to be a small club near where I lived when I was young and single, and on most weekends, Billy Vera and the Beaters would play there. They had 3 of the homeliest sax players blowing their instruments and I was drooling over each one every time I listened and watched them play. Didn’t care what they looked like…I was in love. [‘At this moment' 

I’m not quite sure where I was going with this. I started out thinking about my drive home and how the music affects my entire being. It can literally create my mood. If an emotional song comes up, it will move me to tears. I pace my running stride to the beat of whatever song is on my ipod. There are so many incredibly great singers out there, and so many not so great singers who I still love listening to. As a little girl, like so many others, I sang into my sister’s vibrator, imagining myself on stage, as the next Cher. I had the hair, someday I would hopefully have the body, maybe even my own Sonny. But unfortunately, I never had the voice.

But I definitely 'GOT the MUSIC in ME'!

                       ***videos posted are songs I DO like***


  1. It doesn't matter that there's a generation gap-I love music. Of course my generation loves the 40's music and the Big Band sound but "I Got The Music In Me" so I love yours too. Great blog as usual. Keep it up. Ready for a new one.

  2. Did I ever tell you that I play the Sax???