Friday, April 29, 2011

Mommy Dearest

We, as moms, are always praising our kids for something: being smart, being beautiful, being driven, being athletic, and on and on. We are so proud of our children and let them know as often as we can. That's why they grow up to be healthy, confident and successful adults. But how often do we children praise our moms? Probably not very. And as kids, we think they are not very praiseworthy. They are annoying, they are intrusive; butting into our business way too much, they have too many rules, and they are definitely not cool. I can't remember ever telling my mom one positive thing about herself. And now that I think of it, I don't think my own kids give me kudos for too much, either. Hmmmmmm. Pay back’s a bitch.

But as we age, we grow to appreciate just who our moms are and how they have helped mold us into who we are today. Granted...they have molded both negatives and positives...but since Mother's day is just around the corner, let's just concentrate on everything good our moms have done for us.

I know as a child I was pretty remarkable! Or so I like to believe. Ok...maybe not. But I do know I was quite the annoying little girl. I would bug my mom to play cards or jacks when I didn't have a friend over to play with. And many times she did. But when she decided she wanted to get a little snooze in before starting dinner...I didn't really like that. Once she had fallen asleep, I would sneak into her room, crawl up to her bed, and while on my knees, with my face practically touching hers, I would slowly pry one of her eyelids open with my thumb and index fingers. "Mom...are you up?…get up. Mom". She would then open her eyes, give me one of her looks, and out the door I went. "But mommmmmmm."  I haven't really grown out of that stage...just ask my kids. I tend to do the same annoying things to them. I just can't seem to help myself.

Who other than your mom would sing your praises when you show her your dance steps of 'Shuffle off to Buffalo' even though they look more like you're having a seizure than tap dancing? And who would tell you what a beautiful voice you have even though the dog is covering her ears? We could be going through that awkward pre-teen stage of gaps in our front teeth, 20 lbs overweight, pimples starting to pop out, but to our moms, we are still beautiful.

No one gave better hugs than my mom. Every morning, as soon as I got out of bed, I went to my mom in the kitchen for my wake up hug. There was nothing more comforting than that. I was ready to start my day. But little did I know that my morning breakfast drink she made for me every day for the first 17 years of my life could have killed me. Chocolate milk in the blender with a raw egg. She was either trying to kill me or make me into the next Rocky.

She would brush my hair and put it into a ponytail to get me ready for school. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that my skin was pulled back so tight, almost looking like Joan Rivers, that it caused my head to throb the rest of the day. I figured since I was only in elementary school, she must know what she’s doing and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. As I’ve aged, I have tried to replicate that look, to no avail.

Some of my favorite memories ever were when my mom would play the piano and the whole family would gather around and sing. We were the Von Trapp family without the melodious voices. But we still had so much fun. I probably know every show tune ever written. It was a sad day when I found out they sold the grand piano before moving to L.A., but I guess finding space for it in their new home would’ve been like fitting an elephant into an elevator. How I miss that piano.

I miss the days of lying on the couch while she waited on me when I was home from school sick. She was so attentive and comforting, making sure I had everything I needed to recuperate. She always was so concerned about how I was feeling no matter how big or small the ailment. If it hurt me, it hurt her ten times worse and still does to this day. I have done and felt the same with my kids. And when they’re sick, they sure have taken advantage of that. I’m surprised they haven’t gone out to buy a bell to summons me in case I don’t hear them right away.

There is no other relationship like a mother and child. She’s our doctor, our confidant, our personal chef, our laundress, our playmate, our taxi driver, and our security blanket. She’s beautiful inside and out. And although we may not always see eye to eye, it’s what’s in our heart that matters most.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom…I love you with all my heart.


  1. poignant and funny!!

  2. I have never felt so loved as I do right now. Every mother should have at least one daughter that would make her so happy. I thank you my darling daughter for such a beautiful tribute to Mother's Day. I love you too.

  3. we did have a little silver bell we rang! beautiful! mom it's signed from me too! llove beth

  4. Well done I was reading your blog a disco song from our younger years kept popping into my head. Thank GOD I just have to type it, if I sang it they wouldn't let you blog anymore.

    I'll always love my Mama she's my favorite girl, you only get one, you only get one Mama.

  5. don't recognize that song may have to record and post it YOUR voice :)
    but seriously....who sang that? i thought i knew every disco song ever made.

  6. The

  7. My mother spoiled me rotten and she knows it. I'm embarrassed to admit some of the stuff she did for me for YEARS! Like breakfast in bed!! Is that not atrocious??

  8. @konagod...PLEASE spill more! I'm sure i've done some of the same shit for my kids!

    @RT...listened you youtube but i have to admit...never heard that song before.

  9. listened TO youtube...oops