Thursday, May 26, 2011


Tail was my little girl
She was born with so many curls
20 years ago today
She popped out and lay
In my arms and cried for two frickin’ years!
Day in and day out
And there was nothing cute about her
Til she turned 6 months old
Then she was the cutest thing ever

Never learning how to crawl she used her enormous little butt to bounce around the house.
Her butt…a source of conversation even to this day. Would she ever grow into her butt?
That question still lingers

She was a funny little person even back then, with a smile as infectious as her laugh and her one never-ending  dimple .

While in the high chair, she would take her plate of chicken and rice and lift it high above her and turn it over right on the top of her head. Have you ever tried cleaning up an entire plate of rice from the floor, let alone from a mop of curls? And she would laugh and giggle while I cleaned it up. 

She had a determination that never gave out. She taught herself to ride a two wheeler, to tie her own shoes, to swing on a swing. Independent from day one. No one could match her…bar none.
She sucked her thumb until age…hmmm…I’m not sure what age, but I know she was too old to be sucking.  She could still be a closet sucker for all we know. But I do believe it was somewhere around 8. After her front teeth were parted like the red sea from sucking, she decided it was time to give it up. (Thank god for orthodontists!)
As she grew, she just got smarter and funnier, but never lost that innocence and naivete. To this day she still takes things literally. When she came back from the doctor’s office one day, I wanted to know what he said was wrong with her so I asked, “Tail…what did the doctor say?” Her answer was “He said ‘I’m going to push on your stomach now’.”
One day at school she was sitting in on a mock trial. I didn’t know what the trial was about so I said “Tail….what did you sit in on”…her answer, “the floor”. Gotta love this kid!
A temper like no other, but compassion and love that is never ending.  She always cares for the less fortunate and makes sure they are taken care of.
An athlete, a comedian, a student, a friend, a loving sister and daughter, and a do-gooder.

Tail…you are the light of my life. We know what each other is thinking, and laugh before the punch line.  
I love you every second of every minute of every hour of every day, with all of my heart.
HAPPY 20TH Taylor Brynn. I adore you!


  1. beautiful. happy birthday t.

  2. Happy Birthday to my bubelah. Everything your Mom wrote brought back such wonderful memories. She forgot one thing----how you looked up, when you were in your high chair, through the skylight,and said,"moon,moon". You were so adorable and still are.
    I love you so much.

  3. A very loving birthday should be proud, you have 2 great girls.

    Happy Birthday Taylor