Tuesday, February 8, 2011

WARNING: Cupid Bashing

Gimme a bow and arrow. I'm gonna learn archery if it kills me...just so I can lunge that arrow into every stinkin' happy heart on Valentine’s Day. Who made up Valentine’s Day anyway? Obviously someone who was in a very happy, healthy relationship. But what about the miserable, lonely, single people. All Valentine’s Day does is make the misery magnified that much more one day a year. We are surrounded by happy, happy people making their plans for that happy, happy night. Isn't that just so wonderful?

How about making a happy single's day? Then all of you blissfully happy people will get to feel like we do on Valentine’s Day. You can sit home with your other half and wonder what we are doing to celebrate being single, which would probably be the same thing we were doing on Valentine’s Day because we're single. So that would be nothing, again, and we would realize we are miserable on a second holiday of the year. Ok...strike that plan.

Someone once told me Valentine’s Day was a Hallmark holiday. Just a way for them to make tons of money. I said "Who cares...make sure you get me gifts and take me out really nicely". That was when I was in a relationship. Now I have to say I think he was right. I think they should STOP the Hallmark holiday right now. I mean...everyone has a birthday, right? But not everyone has a sweetheart. How fair is that?

Don't get me wrong. I’ve had some incredible Valentine's Days. I got engaged on one, I conceived on another (yes...I know for a fact I did...don't ask), I have gotten beautiful jewelry, and have many other happy memories. But, as of late, I don't really like that day. I do like when it falls on a weekday so that when I'm sitting at home by myself...it's not so different than any other night. I can sit in front of the TV with my tub of ice cream and fall into that mindless, reality TV chasm that I do so many other nights when it's not Valentine’s Day.

So screw cupid. Screw the happy, little couples. And let's put a ban on Valentine's Day. At least until I'm back in a relationship.

*please note...any resemblance to psycho, angry person is for blogging purposes only


  1. Poor sad liitle lady! Yes, of course it's a Hallmark dream to make lots of money on all holidays. You be happy cause everyone loves your blogs and they certainly will get a kick out of this one. Screw Valentine's Day. Go buy a box of your favorite candy and eat to your hearts content.

  2. Will you be my Valentine???

  3. reeses and p-nut m&m's and i'm a happy camper!
    RT...of course i will! would there be any other?

  4. http://www.archeryweb.com/archery/clubs-s.htm

  5. omg frank...that is too funny...thanks for the lead! i'll be sure to sign up for lessons!

  6. Here's the perfect Anti-Valentines-Day playlist from NPR: http://www.npr.org/2011/02/10/133658990/bitter-pills-for-bitter-pills-five-essential-breakup-songs?sc=nl&cc=brk-20110211-1111&ps=brk-mp

  7. The only reason I look forward to Valentine's Day is because it usually marks the turning point from our winter to our spring!

    It's 74 today so it seems to be working.