Friday, January 7, 2011

Here's lookin' at you

Have you ever really studied your face?  I’m staring in the mirror right now and not really liking the reflection. In fact, I feel like I’m looking at one of those computer generated programs that shows what you would look like in the future.  It’s subtle, but gravitating, nevertheless.
Do your ears hang low? Check out your lobes. When did my ear lobes have enough room for 10 earrings at one time? I purposely didn’t ever wear heavy earrings just so they wouldn’t hang down to my boobs. In spite of that…the lobes are hangin’. I never wanted to have floppy ears, but I’m giving Eeyore some competition.

The peach fuzz now sprouting is a nice look. I try not to stand with the sunlight directly behind me so others can’t see the blanket of fuzz that has graced my face. My silhouette is very flattering.
I’m still attempting to find my eye lids. We started playing hide and seek about five years ago. They show themselves every now and then when I have a look of surprise and raise my eyebrows.
Speaking of eyebrows. They now grow to Andy Rooney lengths. I don’t have a unibrow, but geez…I have to do the Donald Trump sweep to keep them in line.

Putting on eye make-up is a feat. Try getting eye pencil on your lids as the skin is attaching itself to the pencil and being pulled along as you draw.  Trying to put eye shadow on those hard-to-find lids is virtually impossible. It’s a game I play to see which lid has a smoother look and which has a mosaic design as I try to unfold the creases. 
I used to like the prominent points on my upper lip, but those have flattened out over the years. I’m thinking of doing the Lucille Ball…drawing on the lipstick a half inch above my lip to make my lips appear fuller.  Not sure who wouldn’t think I had some 5 year old experimenting with lipstick on my face.

From the side, my nose still looks the same, but I am noticing a slight spread starting to take place below the bridge. I walk around sniffing in as hard as possible so that it sucks in the sides of my nose to look thinner, but once I start hyperventilating, I stop for a while.
When I’m bored, I try to connect the lines under my lip to the crevices in my chin. Each week displays a new design as the lines multiply.
My hair is the only thing to remain the same. Well…with a little help from a bottle. But it hasn’t thinned or fallen out and it allows me to keep a little piece of my youth (since I haven’t changed the style in 30 years!)
Who would have ever thought I would morph into a female Woody Allen.

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